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Which is the Most Expensive Cities in the world to Live and Visit? (2016 Update)

When Ever anybody taking about Top 10 most Expensive cities in the world to Visit or live mostly have New York, London, Paris and Dubai in top list because it’s some of us makes it a Life big desire to Visit in these most Expensive cities, Well today after a long research from different ways we got Top 10+ Most Expensive countries/cities to visit in.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the world to live (With Cost per night)

NoCities NameCost per night
1Sydney, Australia
Toronto, Canada
3London, United Kingdom
New York City, United States
5Paris, France509.84
6Stockholm, Sweden478.27
Oslo, Norway
Zurich, Switzerland
Copenhagen, Denmark
10Helsinki, Finland379.71


These are top 10 Cities, Expensive but Really World’s most amazing cities to visit with your family and friends, These are all non-natural cities but also most beautiful cities peoples really like to visit:

Top 10 Expensive cities in the world and why?


Why Singapore? One of the Beautiful and Amazing city specially for Businessman’s because its also called like “easiest point to do business”. It’s a very small island state but great for Visiting and living….!

singapore most expensive city

Hong Kong

One of the most Expensive city where not only Expensive needy things but also Expensive houses and local rents and also great city for new Business Investments

Hong Kong most expensive city


When I heard about Paris feel like a paradise, One of my best city for having couple tours really amazing one, Paris is the only euro zone city in the top 10, Not one Expensive also Great for honeymoons.

Paris most expensive city


Well, Really Excited when people’s thinks to visit in London, but Peoples are also really rich so they make it more and more Expensive and you may know by the Property Price £500,000

london most expensive city to live in

New York

Are you really want to visit there? Yes 100% everybody wants to visit there and why? For all things yes one of the best and Expensive city where you can get anything with your $$$, amazing city for tour or Business and its also Expensive city in USA

New York most expensive city to live in

Bern, Switzerland

Hmmm, Bern? In Switzerland, If personally I suggest to visit I will take Bern first due to Beauty and Amazing Entertainment city but also one of best things Killing natural beauty also you can visit at Geneva and Zurich

Bern, Switzerland most expensive city to live in


In top 10 Expensive list of Cities China gives many cities but we will go with Beijing  For now totally Expensive not for Poor peoples and great new for Investors they can get amazing ideas from Beijing

Beijing most expensive city to live in


Japan Works really great to get top in world in all fields but remember that makes Expensive for outsiders it like a heart of japan:

Tokyo most expensive city to live in


Yes most Expensive City in Europe with Artificial beauty. And also Global center for banking best place for living your life.

Zurich most expensive city to live in

Luanda, Angola

Mostly no body know about African cities it’s like a hidden areas for some peoples but its also in top Expensive list in the world so takes it up for visit.

Luanda, Angola most expensive city to live in

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