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What is backlink? | best way to create backlinks

What is backlink?

In general term we can say that when we put our site link in other website then it is called backlink of our website.

Everyone wants to get best way to create backlinks for their website and traffic can get only when your website have high page rank and page ranking is a big task for beginners. The high ranking for our website can get only one way when you generate  backlinks for your website but there is not just backlinks, there is many other SEO strategies/process for your website to have high PR.

best way to create backlinks


Now I will show you a very important and unbelievable method for generating a backlinks for your site after doings so you will observe what you have done.

best way to create backlinks

Directories submission

The first powerful option is directories submission if your website have a good quality content then it is necessary to submit your website in many directories site, in these site you can chose one topic like software’s, fashions or computers and if your site is about computer then submit your site in computer.

it gives you a very good quality backlink which helps in PR. I have a many Free directories submissions sites list in sites list page.

Articles submission

The next one is about articles submission which is also important for backlinks and it gives for life time backlinks which is big news for our website. In article submission you just write a article about your niche of mini 500 words and submit this article to the articles submission sites.

I have many free articles submission site list.

PDF or DOC creating

When you have done your website with a lots of contents(articles) so its mean you have also a separate documents of that articles  so simply convert them to PDF and upload in documents sharing sites and through which you got a better quality backlink for your website.

I will shoe many sites of free PDF submissions sites list.

Dmoz open directory

Dmoz is an open directory site in which you submit your site and editors visits your website and verify your site under 2 or 3 days, the big advantage of this site is that your will indexed automatically by submitting site in it because many search engines sends their spiders to check new sites in dmoz.com and you will also got a quality backlink from it.

43 things site

This is another social media website where peoples comes and tells about their desires of future like “I will leave my country for going to study” or “I will get high ranking in Google soon”, and with telling that you can leave your website URL and you can also join a group in it which cause blaster traffic.

Yahoo Answer site

Yahoo answer is a community website where peoples comes for discussion about any topic, there are many peoples like teachers,students, doctors and experts of every field and you can ask any questions from their and can tells them answer of any question if you know.

It gives us a great advantage that during our discussion we can put our website URL with our questions or answers and take a advantage of backlink.

Comments on sites

When we visit to any website we see below a comments portion where we can comments about that site or ask something from site owner so with commenting we can put our website URL there which is a our site backlinks..

There is problem that many site owners used tag of “on-follow” which means that some one put his/her URL which will be not follows by search engine and can’t helps in ranking so due to this you write on Google Do-follow site list and open any one and their you generate a backlink with comments.


There is another website coolsiteoftheday.com where you submit your website and there members visits your websites and gives suggestion about our website that its great or not what mistakes in our site etc., after this you got a great traffic from there.

OLX.com site

It is a marketing site where peoples sell and buy free any things, it allows us to gives many ads of our website or other material at a time.

If we gives our ads with our website mete keyword then its great chance that search engine shows our ads during searching our keyword and cause traffic, its not in off but there is thousands of visitors visits on OLX.com daily and they looks on our ad and may visits to our website.

We can say that it is a way of rain of traffic.


This website also helps for getting traffic;this site gives a script of bookmarking our site and sharing script, simply getsa script in HTML form and paste in your site..

Through this site you can bookmark your website for all social medias and can share your posting to all social media sites which we can say that traffic booster of our website..You must use this option for your website if you wants to get high ranking..

Yahoo buzz

Yahoo buzz is a community site where you can post a article of your site of some lines with website URL, if visitor like to read more your article then he clicks on URL of your site and he reads more that article and you got visitor.

Spicy pages

In this website many web developer and visitors come and gives suggestion on every new website, submitted in it, so submitted there and its also a better source of traffic..

Yahoo groups

It is a community discussion website where you got many groups about many topics when you ask any question from your website related group then your question send to members email accounts and they will send back answer to you..

During the asking a questions you can put your website URL in posting which helps in Site PR.


YouTube a Sea of traffic, it’s a very great opportunity for us to create a YouTube a account and upload a video about our website topic but video must making by yourself and YouTube allow us during uploading our video we can put our website URl and meta tags.

URL for showing our website and generating a backlink and when putting a meta tags use that keywords which mostly searched by visitors which helps to more views of your video and must tells about your website in video that’s helps to getting more traffic.

Social media

The social media can say that atomic bomb of traffic..yes it’s a great way to get unbelievable traffic and unique visitors, in social media like Facebook,twitter,linked in and Google plus..

Simply create accounts and make friends and share your website links and tells about your website to all friends.there is many way to get more traffic from them which I will share you next time in E-book.

Email marketing

There is another way for backlinks is emailing, its not a like a mathematics theorem which you things so difficult, simply create a page of your website with website services and also put site URL and then email it to many emails but remember you looks simple and attractive.

You can get the emails list from mass add me site of emails generator.

Image submission

The next one is image submission, its simple way for generating a quality backlink..

Submit your images of websites and get a backlink from image submissions sites..

There are many sites of image submissions in sites list.

Audio submission

If you can create a audio file of your site about your niche then you can get a backlink through it..

Simply Just create a audio file and submit it in a audio submission websites..

Some lists of free audio submissions.

Product submission

Some website allow you to promote your product through those and these sites free to join, simple sign up and submit your product in it and get a quality backlink from it.

Free Product submission sites list in sites list page.

Portfolio submission

Like other websites you can also submit some portfolio in some website for better backlink so make a portfolio about your website or simple take snapshot of your website and submit in these site..

There is some sites offree portfolio submissions in sites list.

Social bookmarking

The other way for backlinks is bookmarking of your website, the advantage of bookmarking is that when you bookmark any site in Facebook then every your friend on Facebook can access on that website and we also got backlink and you can bookmark your website in many social medias and it’s a great way of traffic.

List of free social book marking

Info graphics

Creating a valuable infographic is a best way to get naturally backlink, I have some free website join these sites and design infographic for your own but be honest if the infographic has any chance of making an impact, you’ll need to get it professional done.

Site list of infographic.

Forum posting

There is some forum site for discussion on some topic, they allow us to sign up for free and then start posting on any topic and its helpful for our site because in posting we can put our website address but remember chose that forum which related to your website.


If you have a website with quality content then you can promote it more by create a blog, its simple way to optimize your website and also gives many quality backlinks for your website, during blogging use anchor text of better keywords because its very helpful for website optimizing.

Its not Info there is many other best way to create backlinks from many high PR website for getting high Traffic for your website.


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