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SEO Footprints list For High PR Backlinks

Mushiiiweb going to Share some SEO Footprints list a Secret and amazing ways to get backlinks and can find out easily Your Niche Related Sites by adding your keywords in these Footprints, Instead of creating thousands of backlinks you can make less but High Quality backlinks if you have List of Footprints and use these Footprints for SEO purpose  for finding any kind of website like Bookmarking site, Directories and Guest posting sites By just using these List of Footprints with your Niche or keywords!

SEO Footprints list

Why SEO Footprints list important?

Well, If you know about SEO Strategies you must know after a very Strong Onsite you must need to get some backlinks for you website but it is more Important to have backlinks form your Niche related websites so it will be strong SEO for your site and with the help of these List of SEO footprints you can just find all kind of sites related to you niche!

How to Use These FootPrints list?

It is very simply to use them because I have set all Footprints carefully so just need to put your keywords/Niches/topic instead of keyword word like

Keyword “guest post”   (put you keyword instead of keyword word)

Web Design “guest post”


FootPrints for Finding Guest posting

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blog”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blogger”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest Column”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest article”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest post
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest author


Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site”
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:category/guest
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:contributors


submit * post keyword
submit * guest post keyword
submit * blog post keyword
add * blog post keyword
submit *article keyword
suggest *guest post keyword
send *guest post keyword
write for us keyword
become * author keyword
guest bloggers wanted keyword
guest posts wanted keyword
become * guest author keyword
become * guest writer keyword
guest column keyword


Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blog” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blogger” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest Column” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest article” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor” + inanchor:contact
Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site” + inanchor:contact


Footprints for Finding Relevent Forums


forum + keyword
keyword + forum


Relevant Blog Comments


Keyword + site:wordpress.com
Keyword + site:blogspot.com
Keyword + site:typepad.com
Keyword + site:edublogs.org
Keyword + site:livejournal.com
Keyword + intext:”powered by wordpress”
Keyword + intext:”powered by typepad”


For Finding Niche Related Directories


keyword Directory add
keyword Directory submit
keyword Directory suggest
keyword Directory post
keyword “submit * site”
keyword “submit * listing”
keyword “submit * URL”
keyword “submit * website”
keyword “suggest * site”
keyword “suggest * URL”
keyword “add * site”
keyword “add * listing”
keyword “add * URL”
keyword “add * website”
keyword intitle:directory
keyword intitle:resources



Best Foot Prints For Finding .gov / .edu Links

inurl:.edu helpful sites + keyword
inurl:.edu keyword + resources
inurl:.edu useful sites + keyword
site:.edu keyword+ inurl:resources
site:.edu keyword + inurl:links
site: .edu “your niche”
site: .edu “your niche” + “resources”
site: .edu “your niche” + “links”
site: .edu “your niche” + “other sites”
inurl:.edu keyword club
inurl:.edu keyword group
inurl:.edu keyword organization
site:yourschool.edu “alumni profiles”
site:yourschool.edu “alum profile”
site:yourschool.edu “alum record”


For Sponsored post


Keyword + intext:”this is a sponsored post”
Keyword + intext:”this was a sponsored post”
Keyword + intext:”this is a paid post”
Keyword + intext:”this was a paid post”
Keyword + intext:”this is a Sponsored review”
Keyword + intext:”this was a Sponsored review”
Keyword + intext:”this is a paid review”
Keyword + intext:”this was a paid review”


For Advertising


keyword + advertising
advertise + keyword


FootPrints for Finding Resources pages


Keyword + “top 10 resources”/”top resources”
Keyword + “top 10 sites/”top sites”
Keyword + “top 10 websites”/”top websites”
Keyword + “top 10 articles”/ “top articles”
Keyword + “top 10 tools”/”top tools”
Keyword + “top 10 web resources”/”top web resources”
Keyword + “top 10 internet resources”/”top internet resources”
Keyword + “top 10 online resources”/”top online resources”
Keyword + “recommended resources”/”suggested resources”
Keyword + “useful resources”/”interesting resources”
Keyword + “favorite resources”
Keyword + “recommended sites”/”suggested sites”
Keyword + “useful sites”/”interesting sites”
Keyword + “favorite sites”
Keyword + “recommended websites”/”suggested websites”
Keyword + “useful websites”/”interesting websites”
Keyword + “favorite websites”
Keyword + “recommended articles”/”suggested articles”
Keyword + “useful articles”/”interesting articles”
Keyword + “favorite articles”
Keyword + “recommended tools”/”suggested tools”
Keyword + “useful tools”/”interesting tools”
Keyword + “favorite tools”
Keyword + “recommended links”/”suggested links”
Keyword + “useful links”/”interesting links”
Keyword + “favorite links”
Keyword + “intitle:resources”
Keyword + “round up”
Keyword + intitle:”round up”
Keyword + “round up” + intitle:weekly/daily/monthly
Keyword + intitle:list
Keyword + “guide”
“list of + Keyword + sites”
Keyword + “news”/”industry news”
Keyword + “magazine”/”industry magazine”
Keyword + “journal”/”industry journal”
Keyword + “whitepapers”
Keyword + “videos”
Keyword + “podcasts”
Keyword + “research”
Keyword + site:.edu
Keyword + site:.info
Keyword + filetype:doc/docx/xls/ppt/pdf
Keyword +  inurl:links/resources


Link Parties Footprints


keyword + link party
link parties + keyword


For Product Reviews


ProductName + review + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + ratings + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + comparison + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + price comparison + site:wordpress.com
ProductName + compare + intext:”powered by wordpress”
ProductName + review + site:blogspot.com
ProductName + ratings + site:blogspot.com
ProductName + comparison + site:blogspot.com
ProductName + price comparison + site:blogspot.com
ProductName + review + site:typepad.com
ProductName + ratings + site:typepad.com
ProductName + comparison + site:typepad.com
ProductName + price comparison + site:typepad.com
ProductName + recommended intext:”powered by typepad”
ProductName + review + site:livejournal.com
ProductName + ratings + site:livejournal.com
ProductName + comparison + site:livejournal.com
ProductName + price comparison + site:livejournal.com
ProductName + intitle:review
ProductName + intitle:ratings
ProductName + intitle:comparison
ProductName + intitle:price comparison
ProductName + intitle:compare
ProductName + intitle:recommended



More Footprints list

Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend whitepaper
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend webinars
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list/recommend event
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list job
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/suggest/post/list contest
Keyword + intitle:add/submit/post/list coupons
Keyword +”add your business”/”list your business”
Keyword + directory
Keyword + directory + add/submit/suggest/post
Keyword + intitle:”directory”
Keyword+ inurl:”directory”
Keyword + Listings
IndustryKeyword + “sign up”/join/register/”create an account”
keyword + coupons + intitle:list
keyword + coupons + intitle:submit/add
keyword + deals + intitle:submit/add
“deals for” + “keyword *” + intitle:submit/add
“coupons for” + “Keyword *” + intitle:submit/add
keyword + sweeps* +  intitle:submit
keyword + giveaways  + intitle:submit


These are the Perfect SEO Footprints list which helps you to find out easily any niche relevant website for you ranking or back linking Purpose!

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