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Make Money with Youtube and Adsense

Hello guys welcome to the new tutorials about make money with youtube adsense, as you know we can generate big money with the help of YouTube by using AdSense so why waiting for this try to make some money now.

How to create YouTube Account

Here first we need to create YouTube account but if you have Gmail account so you can log in by this Gmail account but one thing remember YouTube in some countries is not allowed like Pakistan so you must have Gmail account of that Country in which YouTube is allowed so first step is clear we have YouTube account then we Must have some videos to put in our YouTube Account we will provides some Software’s to generate Videos.

make money with youtube adsense

How to make Money by YouTube

There is many steps to get AdSense in your video to make good video for earning, for make money with youtube adsense follow following steps!

  • First you have Videos for uploading and if you have not videos then I suggest following things.
  • Make a video of funny clips, Songs, short clips, solutions of many problems start from how and many more but remember it will must give some advantages to public/viewers.
  • You can also create videos by some Software’s like White board animation, Camtasia 8.0, Video Vibe PRO White label and also Video FX maker and you can get by click at links free.
  • After have video now the next Step to get upload in our YouTube account!
  • After Uploading you need to monetize Your Video by AdSense to get earning through Videos.

How to Create AdSense Account in 2 Hours?

AdSense Account can be created in just 2 hours through YouTube but remember one thing that is hosted account for just YouTube videos and also blogger blogs so how it can be created?

First as in some counties like Pakistan YouTube is not allowed so you need to have another country Account of YouTube/Gmail so AdSense can easily create.

Follow these steps:

Open your YouTube Account.

Go to Creator studio/setting to open all setting.

make money with youtube

Now go to Channel options and first one status and features where you will see an option of Monetization there you will enable that options by click on view Monetization Setting.

Now click on Enable Monetization and after that it will takes you to AdSense applications form through Log-in to Gmail Id chose any one if you have already account then click on yes I have and open it.

make money with youtube

Here you will fill all form but must put your real details and submit and after that in 2 hours you will get email from AdSense that you have get your AdSense hosted account and you can use it for your YouTube videos.

Now when you upload your first video during uploading you will see option of Monetization options click there and tick mark on Monetize my video so you can see ads in your videos.

All done now you can uploads your videos and get earning from this and if you want to how get traffic to this visit to Mushiiiweb.com or if you want paid traffic from Best Social sites you can get from Fiverr.


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