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Fiverr Money making Secreats


Hello Guys to day I am going to show you how to make money with fiverr it’s a great online market to sell your skills and knowledge there is many peoples today comes to buy services about how to get solve their online problems and how they can get online business so I am showing you today how you can get instant job at fiverr!

How to create Perfect Fiverr Gigs?

For creating Fiverr gigs first find out your Skills and find your expertise because Skills will helps to make money with fiverr so it’s necessary  there many services you can provide by creating Gigs like,

  • Web Designing
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Keywords Searches and AnalysisMake money with fiverr
  • Webmaster tools
  • WordPress services
  • And many many more you may know by Visit Fiverr.com


Attractive Gig Title

As you know that buyer first comes to read your Gig Title like it’s a front of your gig so it should be have an amazing attractive words Like,

  • I will do an amazing SEO Service with less prices
  • I will do google SEO which Boost Your ranking

Like these titles buyer comes to read your Descriptions because he likes your title so he likes to read more about you!

New Gig Related Picture

Now comes to Gig picture its must be create by yourself in Photoshop or any other Editor, don’t use from Google otherwise it will copy paste issue and Gig lose its ranking so have great Attractive and related to your gig picture

And its general size is minimum 520×370 and must try to have a 4 to 8 photos!

Description of Gig

Now comes to Gig Description it chance to explain your service that what will you do? How you will done? And Why buyer gives service to you? So make sure description must looks great and also use following tips!

  • Use Keywords of your gig in Description it will helps to get rank!
  • Give some extras to buyer so buyer will come to gives you chance
  • High light your keywords and extra
  • Must write Money back granted word which will helps to get order 100%!

If you’re new in Make money with Fiverr World so it’s important for you to gives cheap services and when you got good buyers more than 10 then you can increase your services order!

Video for Gig

Now comes to gig videos its really amazing feature to explain your skills and experience and also helpful for gig ranking for this purpose means video making you can use many tools for this Like FX Video Maker or White board animation or Use online tool but also have a Camtasia Video creating tool!

In video explain about your service and how you will do this and gives some extra also in video it will puts good effect to your gig!

After doing this all you have create your first gig very well means it’s time to do big, wait for some days to get order and also must share your gig to all Social media accounts to get traffic and orders it will very helpful for getting more orders!


Secrete Tips for fiverr!

Now comes to know the great effective tips which helps for getting orders soon as possible so it’s going follow!

Response Time

There is a first best Tip for you that you must have a less response time in your profile which will gives up your gig and also buyer want to talk when he comes to know less response time so for this purpose what can you do?

So for this follow some steps!

  • Create 2 accounts of fiverr and create gigs in both accounts!
  • Now find out your gig from your category if can’t then find out by putting your user name in after fiverr link like Http://www.fiverr.com/mushiii then you will got your profile!
  • Now send massage to your account from one account to another 2nd one and after 1 hour open other Fiverr id and you will see massage from your other account you send so gives reply to it under one hour!
  • Done! After one month your Response time will comes to 1 hour!

Its first tips to make money with fiverr so must apply this first.

Increase Your Gigs Favorites

  • In second you mostly saw a gig favorites in your gig preview it just awesome option to increase your gig rank by increasing gig favorites but how it’s easy in some steps follow these!
  • First open gig preview and when gigs comes like you are a visitor so click on favorite button and got one favorite after that click on refresh page and quickly again click on Favorite button then you will got 2nd one try again and again!
  • With these steps please change IP address by using Proxy!
  • Many favorites many orders!

Social sharing of your gigs

There is other way to increase your orders by sharing your gigs in your social media accounts and for this always remember have huge amount of friends and groups in all socials media accounts Like Facebook Google plus and also twitter!

Always online in your account!

As according to my experience if you are not online you will lose many orders as buyer first come to see are you online? Are not so it’s important for you to have to online every time for getting orders as buyers come first talk about his project!

Buyers Request or Custom Order!

Some time you haven’t got any orders so there is another solution for you to get order by visiting to buyer request option you can see many peoples want to get some services so you can get orders by checking this page!

Create backlinks!

At the last there is another way to get rank your gig by creating backlinks which will very helpful for you to get order for this purpose you need bookmarking links which is great for your gig!

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