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Make money with expired domains

Today I am going to teach you about make money with Expired domains, yes Expired domains is like a big making machine today but first you must know about how buy  Expired domains and how we can use them for making money, so for how to buy expired domain go to my old tutorial How to buy expired domains!

How to make Money by Expired domains?

  1. By Providing Guest posting Service at Fiverr.com
  2. By Selling
  3. By using at hosting for SEO Work!

make money with expired domains


Providing Guest posting 

When you get your first Expired domain with all factors needs as I said in previous Tutorial so after getting your domain connect it with Hosting and Install WordPress in it with creating some pages like contact us, about us, privacy policy like and also write some articles for this and post in it and also make its look standard well, after doing this you need to create a GIG in fiverr for Guest posting and how to make a gig see at make money in fiverr.

In fiverr a guest posting gigs are so hot services and peoples making lots of money so provide service and earn as you can and for this you need 500 words article with image from buyer and its really nice way to make money with Expired domains.

By Selling Expired domains

In second method you need a Domain have good factors so buyer come to buy your domain easily, like buy domain of 20$ and after buying or some days later you can sale at some profit like 40$ to 50$ easily, and for selling domains you can use Auction account of godaddy or you can use Social power by posting for selling domains like Facebook groups and twitter etc.

By providing SEO services

As you know SEO service is so hot today and Expired domains is the backbone for ranking websites today so making money by this way you need to setup a WordPress like I said above for guest posting means connect domain with hosting by DNS putting and install WordPress in hosting and after doing this all you can use this domain for long term for backlinks purpose not for your own websites but also you can provide to your clients backlinks service as guest posting.

Some tips for Expired domains

The following things must note during buying and creating setup of WordPress.

  • Buy a domain with following Extensions .com, .net, .info and .org because mostly peoples like these extension and these are very helpful for ranking then others.
  • Must buy different Hosting’s for different domains yes as it’s become so expensive but you must buy 1 hosting for 1 domains and must have dedicated IP because Expired domain needs separate IP and very helpful for protections our Domains by using Dedicated hosting.
  • Use all plugins and have great look website by using well look theme.
  • One is most important thing is that never use any google analytical code or and AdSense or affiliate ads in you expired domain because it will track you.

So it’s not going to finish I am going to create video about make money with Expired domains soon so stay with us.



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