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What is SEO?

The process of increasing the number of visitors to our website/blog to achieving the high ranking in search engine result. The higher rank of our website will much chance of visitors to visits our site….

SEO is all about getting the traffic from every way so we will discuss all things about search engine optimization and then apply all these changes on our website, search engine optimization is not a short term process but it’s a long term process and doing day by day by the Changing of search engines and local seo services.

local seo services

Now I will show you complete SEO and local seo services with methods apply on your website and get unbelievable traffic….

There are basic two types of SEO which are as follows.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a process which used internally on webpages and create all type of contents (pictures, articles, videos etc.) according to search engine requirement (mean which type of contents is suddenly index by search engine) and all work done on webpage not external backlinks create in on-page SEO.

on page seo

In on page SEO we discuss from our website topic to the end of site submission, its very helpful to get a quality content and traffic.

So there are some On-page SEO methods/tips to make your contents according to desire of search engines, learn all step and apply on your site then you got a real big change.

We will learn all tasks about On-page SEO one by one as follows

1.     Hosting and Domain name

The first step in on-page SEO is about hosting and domain name, as you know that it is very necessary to think about hosting and domain name because there is many hosting services but these hosting services have some problems like they give ads to our website, some time it becomes come down(off) and our site also come off on internet in result our website not showing in search engine and some hosting is not better in which hacking is general thing and your site also will hack due to sharing our hosting to other peoples which is not good news for us.

So you need to think about hosting and domain name and use a better and believable hosting service.

2.     Design and layout of the site

The next one is design and layout of the website, the design and layout also affected for optimizing your site so it is necessary to create well design and visitors also attracted by well designs and attractive layout, so make a new, different from others and unique design of your website…

It is better thing to create sidebar of links in left side because search engine start the reading from right side and it is must to read first your site contents then sidebar links…

3.     Meta tags

Meta tags is a very very important in On-page SEO, every search engine find any site through these tags like when visitor write some thing in search engine then search engine find the websites whose meta tags match to that keyword wrote by visitor (peoples) if our meta tag match to that keyword then search engine soon shows our website to the visitor browser….

For this purpose you write Meta tag in your site coding because search engine understand only back coding.

For example your site is about fashion then use that are like Meta tags.


<head><title>Fashion tips</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”fashion tips of the day and weather dressing style” >

<meta name=”keyword” content=”fashion week, Bollywood fashion style, boys fashion, girls fashion”>



4.     Title and description of website

The title and description of the site is very important for ON-page SEO, you must write the title name of site which concerned to your site topic like you create a site about fashion then your title name looks like fashion tips, women fashion or fashion of the week etc.

When you write site description write short and short summary about your website (fashion) about 150 characters.

Means what ever in your website you must complete write in meta description about site topic and contents.

5.     Article writings and paragraph

The next thing is Articles heading and paragraph in your site/blog, your articles must so important on any topic means people wants to search that articles and write with very strong English then it very helpful for optimize your site and write your own articles not copied.

And also write your articles in paragraph because its looks well and help in optimizing.

6.     Headings

The heading is a great helpful for our on-page SEO because search engine suddenly tracks headings of good keywords now I will show you how to use headings in your site or blogs.

  1. First go to your site temples or go to HTML coding of your web site then find site title and make it <h1> because <h1> use for site title
  2. <h2> use for post title.
  3. <h3> use for sub small headings so again find post title in HTML coding and replace all post title in <h2> heading and if it already in <h2> form then don’t touch it and at least use <h3> for more small headings in your website or blog.

7.     Post title, permalinks and post description

When you published a new post then remember post title permalinks and description.

Write a post title which is mostly views by visitors, for this purpose you can use a Google adword and there find a similar keyword and then write a post title which is mostly searched by peoples.

Permalink is a new advance option, we can say that “Buy one get one free” in which you can puts a other name of your post, means you gives two post name, one is that one which you wrote in post title name and other is write in permalink than the result is your post will be find out by two post titles its very helpful for us, like post name is fashion and in permalink write fashion tips then peoples find in search engine fashion then your post will shows or peoples find fashion tips then also it will showed.

In post description write complete 150 characters about your post content means what is in your post  and about what this post etc.

If in post you embed a video then must write about video in description and post title….

8.     Use Keywords

Make a perfect keyword planning, for keyword planning use a some tools which as follows.

  1. Google ad word keyword tool
  2. Bing keyword tool
  • Keyword discovery tool

These tools helps to find those keywords which is mostly find out by peoples in search engine and use those keywords in your post title, meta tags and  description which is more viewed and have less competitions.

Using keyword trick is very helpful and very important part of SEO use the keyword strategy and use upper tools for finding best keywords of your website.

Its not in off but you may bold, underline those words in your content which is related to your website which may helpful for PR.

9.     Optimizing pictures and videos

Picture and video optimizing is a very important in our web page so it is necessary to optimize these two things but how do this read follow steps.

 Picture Optimize

For picture optimizing use a tag in alt=”picture name”

For example <img src=”d://pictures/sky blue”  alt”Sky blue”>

This option is available to write alt tag in bloggers blog and word press when click on image but for manual creating use it through coding.

There is many other ways to optimize images in backlinks page.

Video Optimize

For video optimizing use following steps.

  1. Upload video in YouTube first in your channel.
  2. Mention video in post title.
  3. Mention video in post description.
  4. Write about video near video.
  5. In word press you can submit sitemap of your video which is helpful for optimize your video.
  6. Upload video in every video sites like YouTube, daily motion and vimeo
  7. At least share video links in social media which is very helpful for getting backlinks.

There is many other ways to optimize videos in backlinks page.

8.     Inbound links or internal link

The inbound links or internal links mean you put some links in your site which create a way of other page or post of your site not to other website, like in home 4 rooms and there the doors are called internal links mean the internal way.

The inbound links is very helpful for page ranking.

9.     Create XML sitemap for website

After some postings in site the next step is create and submit the sitemap in webmaster tools for submitting the site in search engine for this purpose follow some steps.

  1. Go to Google and write digital sitemap generator and open any site and then put a website name and it gives you a sitemap, copy this sitemap.
  2. Now open Google webmaster tool and find option add sitemap and paste this sitemap in it and save/refresh it and done.
  3. Before generate the sitemap it is necessary to add your site in webmaster tool and add your website both in webmaster tool of Google and Bing search engine.
  4. After doing this your site submitted in search engine and will index by search engine.

But there is another way to index your website in search engine and that is put your website link in high PR website then your site index soon, for this purpose ask any high PR site owner to your site link in his site…

Site map submission means to index your site in search engine….

5.     Upload robot.txt file

The file placed in our website’s root directory and linked in HTML code that’s controls behaviors of search engine spider/robot/crawler…

You must used it  carefully because wrong using will get negative page ranking and code in html form as below, put it in root directory in your website…


User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*Allow: /                                                                                        

Sitemap: http://www.Mushiiiweb.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated


Off-page SEO

The Off-page SEO in another way we can say that generating the backlinks, its only way through which search engine gives us page rank and now a day its so hard to get high page ranking but there is many solution’s by applying on the site you got a high ranking.

I will show you step by step about Offpage SEO and local seo services that how we doing something better for our site and getting high PR, below side we will discuss off page SEO, apply on your site then you will get a big change.

off page seo

The Off-page SEO means creating the backlinks and when you have many backlinks you got traffic. There are five major steps of Off-page SEO, learn one by one these points.

1.     Directory submission

There is many sites of directories in which some are free and some paid, mostly users use free site and we use directories sites for submitting our site in it for making the backlinks.

The main function of submission sites in directories to get backlinks and when you have many backlinks you got high PageRank and high PageRank mean much traffic and your goal is traffic.

How to submit your site to directories?

On Google write free directory submit and then search you see many sites open any one and find option button of submit site or it’s already appeared and then write your user name, email address, password and website/blog name and submit.

Some sites give us their reciprocal links to put in our site so in this condition copy that link and paste in your homepage and also tells it the address of page where you paste that link.

Free directories site list…


2.     Article submission

The next step of getting the backlinks called article submission, there are many sites of article submissions some of them free and some paid, you can use free one and get links which helps in ranking.

How to submit your site to article submission?

  • Go to Google and write free article submission and open any site.
  • Now find submit site option or it will automatically says write site name and article.
  • After this write article and makes there max 3 to 4 links in it (there will an option of link to create).
  • And the and gives user name, password email etc. and submit it.
  • Some of them gives there reciprocal link for paste in your site so will paste it.
  • At least submit and done it, it will you backlinks which helps in ranking and then traffic.

List of many free and paid article submission website in sites list page.

3.     Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is used for generating backlinks in all social Medias, it makes links in all social media which helps in ranking, there is many sites of social bookmarking used anyone of them and put your site and get high PageRank.

How to submit in social bookmarking?

  • In Google write social bookmarking and open any site.
  • Now it will gives you a lot of social medias for submitting like fb, Google +, and dig.com etc.
  • Open any one and write your name and password of your ID and submit it.
  • It will submit one by one in all social Medias which help in backlinks.
  • Here is site of social marking but in Google many sites are there.

I will show you many sites of bookmarking in sites list.

4.     Do-follow link building

The do-follow link building mean generate a links a that sites where custom tag Do-follow used, our target is to getting backlink so through this way some websites have tag of external link “do-follow” its mean we put link in this site then it will be crawled by search engine and we got backlink which is our goal to generating link.

How to generate it?

  • It’s simply just in Google write do-follow site list.
  • Open any one of them and comments portion.
  • Write your comment with your website URL.
  • And post your comment and done it.

There are many sites of Do-follow website in site list page.

5.     Video Submission

In Off-page SEO video submission is also better way to generate a backlink and do local seo services. In videos you can submit your videos to popular directories and get links from there and another way of video optimization is upload your video to YouTube.

In YouTube we can gives our website link during uploading a video, so it is necessary to create a account of YouTube a upload videos in your channel.

There is other ways of video submission in backlinks topic….

6.     Forum posting

There is many forum sites where peoples comes and discuss about any topic like SEO or designing etc. which allow us to gives our URL with our comments.

So its also a way to get a backlinks for high ranking simply go to any forum site and discuss to any group or man and also put site URL.

It’s not the end of off-page SEO I will show you more about it and more about generating backlinks….

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