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List of guest blogging sites

Mushiiiweb going to share a Large amount of Guest Blogging sites list which allows us to submit Guest post in their Blogs/website which we really effected for our Blog ranking, For getting Top in google there is many ways in which one of the best is Guest posting which needs a Short Quality content to make a Perfect and Google friendly more!

 guest blogging sites

FootPrints For finding Guest Blogging sites

If you want to get your niche related Guest Blogging sites that allows guest posting here is some Footprints which helps to get your Niche related blogs.


Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:category/guest

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:contributors


submit * post keyword

submit * guest post keyword

submit * blog post keyword

add * blog post keyword

submit *article keyword

suggest *guest post keyword

send *guest post keyword

write for us keyword

become * author keyword

guest bloggers wanted keyword

guest posts wanted keyword

become * guest author keyword

become * guest writer keyword

guest column keyword


Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blog”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blogger”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest Column”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest article”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest post

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest author


Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blogger” + inanchor:contact

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blog” + inanchor:contact

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest Column” + inanchor:contact

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest article” + inanchor:contact

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me” + inanchor:contact

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor” + inanchor:contact

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us” + inanchor:contact

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site” + inanchor:contact


List of Sites That Allows Guest posting


These below Sites allow posting related to Marketing, blogging, Business and Social Medias.



The Blogs that have Video, Art, Designs, Graphics Niche that also allow you Guest posting!




Technology Guest Posting Sites




Following Sites allows Fitness, Health and food related Guest Positing.



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