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Learn HTML5 and CSS3 video Course Free

Hello guys again in Mushiiiweb and its great to see here and today I am going to make you a perfect Developer on the basis of HTML5 AND CSS3 is it great to see yourself a HTML and CSS worker, Right?

 What can I do by learn HTML and Css?

As you know about this programing languages its great and basic languages to make a web page so we must learn first these basic languages…….!

So learn web development by this course and get a very good Developer for youself!

learn web development

First Step

When we start our first page we must have any software of the following!

  • Notepad ++
  • Dream waver
  • Or any web editor

So during on any following editor how we start from first step?

Following Steps!




<title> My first website </title>



Here You enter your Body content!




This is a very simple and basic steps when we going to start our webpage so it’s necessary thing to get in mind!

Parts of Webpage

Webpage basically four parts which is separated by each other and it help to make a webpage easily Parts are,

  • Header
  • Body
  • Side bar
  • Footer


Header is a very upper part of webpage in which a logo of website and Title of site present and some time in header ads also presents its called upper part of website!


Body Is a Middle part of website in which we can put our all Content like Articles images and videos etc its contain all posts and pages!


It is mostly at left or right side of website it included gadgets or ads etc!


It is a lower part of website in which we can add our contact our any ending option according to our desire!

Its Easy to understand by image!

Download from here, Thanks!

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