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HTML Tutorials | learn html and css

Hello guys this is mushiii and today I am going to tell you about HTML and also share with you a complete HTML and CSS tutorials in which you can learn complete web designing and development, HTML is a best language and basic to create your website.

HTML tutorials

HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is a computer language For Designing or Developed a website. It is a basic language for making web page without it we cannot create web page and after this we use css and php for advance websites or dynamic sites.

HTML Tutorials

The css and php can embed in HTML and it connects the all web pages to each other and browser can only understand this language. The HTML is a best language for developing a webpage through which we can create many items in our webpage which is very helpful and needed for us.

HTML Starting and general tags

When we start our HTML web page we must use these tags and under this tags we will works about how to make our first web page.



<title> Mushiiiweb </title>

(In head section we write for head area in which mostly wrote a logos like)



(here we can write every thing which we want to write in our web page body)



These are a basic HTML codes and after this codes we will start about what I want to create in our web pages and now we will started about our HTML tutorial through our video course.

There is a html tutorials and we will learn these two both HTML courses step by step and get better HTML knowledge.

Download a html tutorials from here in which you will learn both HTML and CSS language and get enjoyed to create your first website



Here is a another way of learning Web designing click here.

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