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Complete PHP Tutorials

Hello Guys back to Mushiiiweb and first I want to tell something that if you want anything or need please Comments here or send massage to our Mushiiiweb Facebook page so we will try to give you best and here now we will gives you about how to learn PHP Course about Developments how we become a PHP programmer!

What is PHP?

The Abbreviation of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a Server side scripting language used for web developments and now a day mostly website contains this language because this language specially created for web development and general programming propose.

How to learn php

Today PHP language is most useful language used by Developers in worldwide so it’s our need to learn it very well as experts done it, due to this reason I am going to share with you about how to learn PHP a complete Tutorials from basic to advance all.

How to Done its Setups?

Here if you want to work on PHP at Local Server so then you need to Install Apache Software which is easy to download and setup in your Window Computer and also Linux and other Operating systems.

If you get some Issue about Downloading and Installing please contact us and have a link to download here.

Hosting Server Supported

When you want to buy hosting for PHP website then have to know about hosting servers is it PHP supported or not? The Hosting Server Should PHP and MySQL Support then its best to developed a PHP program easily!

So here is something basic special Fundamentals of PHP language so first I suggest you learn this fundamentals then try to learn advance works so here is a list of those fundamentals.

  • The Echo and Print statement
  • The local variables
  • The Arrays
  • The Data types
  • The Operators
  • The Functions
  • The $_get methods
  • The $_post methods
  • Global Variables
  • Comments in PHP
  • The loops
  • If and Else statements
  • Include command
  • Require Commands
  • The $_files methods
  • The $_cookies methods
  • Email Functions and Headers Functions.



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