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How to Increase Website Speed?

Hello Guys I am Mushahid Hussain and Today I am going to Share you some new things about Increase website speed wordpress, Now a day all bloggers and web Developers wants to have awesome Speed of their website so which things necessaries and how we can Increase website speed wordpress? Going to discuss here!

Which things necessary for Increase website speed wordpress?

  1. As we know website have large amount of Pictures in JPG,PNG and GIF Extensions so First we Should Compressed All photos Used in our website and For this purpose we can use a great Plugin in WordPress site!
  2. Second thing is used W3 total cache Plugin It helps in minifying Coding and also increase the website Speed!
  3. Third one is Use Cloud flare website and change DNS in it!

Increase website speed wordpress

  • Wpsmush Plugin.

After Putting Photos in website (WordPress Website) we must use this plugin for the purpose of compressed photos, it’s easy to install in WordPress!

How to use Wpsmush Plugin?

It’s very simple to operate just after installing this go to Gallery in Side bar and click on Wpsmush and there Wpsmush Dashboard opened and click on compress button and done after some seconds!

  • W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache Is one of the best Plugin used by thousands of developers used for the purpose of speed it’s a best one and mostly web owners used in their WordPress for getting boost of the site! And its setting is simple just go to option settings and do all settings according to your Desire.

What is Cloud Flare?

Cloud flare is a best online free and paid Site for providing a Website Speed Services, mostly Companies used their paid Services for getting Best Speed of their online Stores or any other.

For using this Cloud flare site You must need Domain Log in details because after creating account in Cloud flare they give us DNS which we must change in our Domain name servers!

How to use Cloud Flare?

Follow these steps.

  1. First create account in Cloud flare.
  2. Now after verifying account through email you must Submit your website URL, it will Analyse your website.
  3. After it click on next and chose Free account and if you want paid you can also use it.
  4. Now it gives you a DNS(Domain name servers) Copy both these and paste them in your domain name servers means remove old DNS and paste this new DNS.
  5. Now click on next button in cloud flare it will works after some minutes.
  6. Done!

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