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How to find good keywords for website

Welcome to mushiiweb this time I am going to show you how to find good keywords with the help of long tail pro software to get a high searches keywords with low KC (keyword competition) so it’s easy to get best keywords for your website/business.

What is Keywords Research?

Keyword Research is a basically research for keywords for your new business in which you will find out keywords related to your niche and also do some analysis like which is the best keyword for your niche and also we will learn how to put keywords in our articles with proper way. For Finding Keywords Google AdWords keyword planner tool which show Keyword searches, CPC and also Advertising completion but we don’t need this time advertising Competitions.

how to find good keywords

Which tools used to finding Keywords?

For finding best keywords first we get to know our niche and get some keywords by ourselves and get some more keywords by Google suggestion and it simple just put any keyword in google you will get related keywords at bottom of page and following tools is the best to get some ideas.

  • Google Suggestion
  • Google Trend
  • Google AdWords Planner
  • Long Tail Pro and also SEMrush tool to find Competitors level of Optimization.

Google Suggestion

How to find good keywords in Google Suggestion? Simply suppose if you have a niche of New Movies Songs so you will put in Google and get more related keywords at bottom of page when Search Engine show.

Google Trend

What is Google Trend? Google Trend is a tool by Which we get to know which niche or keywords is mostly search in Google by Peoples means Keywords trends will show there, which niche is going up by searching and which is going down in Search Engine after doing that we can understand that which keywords is mostly searched and which we can used in our website as focus keyword, Keywords Trend shown there!

Google AdWords Planner

AdWords is a Big and Oldest tool using for keywords searching purpose and where we will get Monthly searches of keywords and their CPC plus many more things, In AdWords we will get more keywords related to our niche and also get to know how much their searches in month and how much it’s CPC etc.

Long Tail Pro (Best Tool)

As we know that if our keywords have low KC then we can get rank our keyword easily so this tool is a best tool to know keyword competition so we can easily find out low KC keywords with high searches so we can get to rank any keyword in our website. In this tool we can set our language, our target country and we have two ways to get keywords details we can get our keyword related more keywords or can get details of our putting keywords so it is best or not?

SEMrush Tool

This SEMrush tool is very effective to know the information about our competitor like how many backlinks they have create and from which domains backlink has been created and also we can find out anchor text so that’s amazing to get information for other website!  

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