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How to Get High PR Backlinks?

Today Mushiiiweb Going share some new Methods for Getting High PR backlinks according to 2016, some year ago Bookmarking, Commenting and Directories like methods are really effective for ranking but after GOOGLE updates these methods are not best for ranking in 2016 so we are going to share some effective ways which will really effective for ranking.

3 High PR backlinks by Quality

Today we are going to share top 4 ways to get High PR backlinks.

  • YouTube backlink
  • 404 High PR backlinks
  • Finding Niche related backlinks


YouTube Backlink

YouTube have very High Authority website with DA PA and PR 9 and it’s really very effective for making DA strong, we are not going to share commenting backlinks we will learn about how to get do-follow backlink in YouTube with complete Google verification steps.

High PR Backlinks

Follow Below steps

  1. First of all make Gmail account if you have then open YouTube channel with your Gmail.
  2. Click on Channel option and open Advance options, you will see at the bottom website Verification options where you will put website URL and Verify it.
  3. Simply add your website and click on verify options, it will redirect to webmaster tools and verify your website and you will see in YouTube Channel URL will be verified and you have get High PR Backlinks from YouTube by easy steps. If you don’t know how to get verified Website in webmaster tools click here.


404 High PR backlinks

There is many 404 pages in our niche related websites which will be very helpful for us to get High PR backlinks by following these steps!

Write this Foot print in google keyword + “Resources”   (In keyword you will write keyword like Best Cheap games)

High PR Backlinks

After Searching this footprint you will see many websites with Resources pages open one by one all website and at this point you will need a Google Chrome Extension called Broken link checker you will allows you to find broken link, Install this Extensions and start it to find broken link in all website and you can change your keyword in google to get more websites!

This Extension will find many broken links and after finding those links you just simply contact to website owner through Contact us form and ask him about broken link and say them like “Hi! We got some broken links in your website and we have a high Quality website related to this page so if you like to provide us link from this broken link it’s really Effective for both of us! So please let me know if you like, our website is Http://Mushiiiweb.com/ 

You must send Email to many websites and hopeful many of them will back to answer to you and its really helpful Strategy!

Finding Niche Related backlinks (guest posting)

This is another way of backlinks its more easy to find niche related high PR backlinks in this method simply just open google.com and finding website with following Footprints

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site”

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:category/guest

Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:contributors

Add your keyword and then these footprints you will get many website niche related and you can get many website simply contact them for asking to write article for them you will be get many response from them and you can get links by providing them Article!

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