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General knowledge About Pakistan in Urdu PDF free Download

Welcome to Mushiiiweb for General knowledge about Pakistan, You will get free download General knowledge Mcqs and PDF book about Pakistan on different topics social or political or geographical etc. In PDF book you will get 2017 updated MCQs General Answer and question and complete general knowledge and much more Information for free.


General knowledge About Pakistan


You can Download PDF EBook about Pakistan Knowledge and learn about Pakistani social, political and general information for free!

General knowledge About Pakistan in Urdu PDF




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Current Affairs of pakistan in urdu 2017 pdf

Operation ” Zarab-e-Ahan” started by Pak Army against Choto Gang in?

  1. A)  Multan
  2. B)  Rajanpur (A)
  3. C)   North Waziristan


Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have signed 1300 Megawatt

Electricity agreement, called?

  1. A)  PASA agreement
  2. B)   TASA agreement
  3. C)   APSA agreement
  4. D)  CASA agreement (A)


Official residence of Tajikistan President??

  1. A)  Bagh e Iram (A)
  2. B)  Qasar e Millat
  3. C)   None of above


NFC award stand for?

  1. A)  NationalFiscalCommission award
  2. B)  National Finance Commission award (A)
  3. C)   National Field Commission award


In 7th NFC award, which province got major Share?

  1. A)  Punjab
  2. B)   KPK
  3. C)   Sindh
  4. D)  Balochistan (A)


In 7th NFC award, which province got minor Share?

  1. A)  Punjab (A)
  2. B)   KPK
  3. C)   Sindh
  4. D)  Balochistan


Most costly Tea of world “dahongpao” found in?? A) China (A)

  1. B)   Kenya
  2. C)   India


The first Muslim woman has been elected as the speaker of Germany??

  1. A)  Zakia Salam
  2. B)  Muhterem Aras (A)
  3. C)   Hamidat Marjani


First Female has been appointed as US Military Combat Command..

  1. A)   Lori Robinson  (A)
  2. B)  Jennifer Linda
  3. C)   Adelina


Lowest Meat Consumption Country in World??

  1. A)  Nepal
  2. B)  Iran
  3. C)   India (A)


Largest producer of cooper in World??

  1. A)  Cuba
  2. B)  Chile (A)
  3. C)   Argentine


Largest producer of Cotton in world??

  1. A)  Pakistan
  2. B)  India
  3. C)   China  (A)
  4. D)  USA


Largest Rice Producer of World

  1. A) Pakistan
  2. B)  India
  3. C)   China (A)
  4. D)  Russia


19th SAARC summit 2016 will be held in which country??

  1. A)  Pakistan (A)
  2. B)  India
  3. C)   Sri Lanka


Indian Prime Minister Nrender Modi,s Home town??

  1. A)  Mumbai
  2. B)  Gujarat  (A)
  3. C)   Hyderabad


Chief Selector of Pakistan Cricket Team??

  1. A)   Mickey Arthur
  2. B)  Inzmam Ul Haq (A)
  3. C)   Waqar Younas


Captain of Pakistan Woman Cricket Team ??

  1. A)  Sana Mir  (A)
  2. B)   Asia Iqbal
  3. C)   Nain Abadi


First female President of Taiwan??

  1. A)  Jenny Hung
  2. B)   Tiffany Leo
  3. C)   Tsai Ing-wen (A)


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Inaugurated Pak China Optic Fiber in Gilgit, its length would be??

  1. A)  855 KM
  2. B)  820 KM (A)
  3. C)   805 KM


Pak China Optic Fiber cost would be??

  1. A) 40 Million$
  2. B)  44 Million $  (A)
  3. C)   46 Million $

Panama Leaks Related to a Law Firm name?

  1. A)  Panama Papers
  2. B)  Clyde & Co
  3. C)   Mossack Fonseca (A)
  4. D)  Kennedys Law


First woman Chief Minister of Occupied Kashmir is:

  1. A)  Shama Khalid
  2. B)   Anousha Rehman
  3. C)   Mehbooba Mufti (A)
  4. D)  Sashma Suraaj


Woman Seats in Senate?

  1. A)  12
  2. B)  17 (A)
  3. C)   4


Captain of Pakistan T-20 Team?

  1. A)  Shahid Afridi
  2. B)  Muhammad Hafeez
  3. C)   Sarfraz Ahmed  (A)
  4. D)  Shoiab Malik


Attorney General of Pakistan?

  1. A)  Ashtar Ausaf (A)
  2. B)  Munir A mailk
  3. C)   Salman Butt


Current National Assembly of Pakistan is? A) 12th

  1. B)  13th
  2. C)   14th (A)


According to Amnesty International report -2016, Pakistan, Iran, China & Saudi Arabia has hanging percentage of world

  1. A)  54%
  2. B)  72%
  3. C)   90% (A)
  4. D)  51%


“Eagle-5” Military Exercises are continuing from 9-30 April Between Pakistan & China in?

  1. A)  Balochistan
  2. B)  Shanghai (A)
  3. C)   Jeddha
  4. D)  Karachi

Who Launched “Pak Sar Zameen Party”

  1. A)  Raza Haroon
  2. B)   Zulfiqar Mirza
  3. C)   Mustfa Kamal  (A)
  4. D)  Anees Qaimkhani


China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) cost?

  1. A)  46 Billion$ (A)
  2. B)  44 Billion$
  3. C)   45 Billion$


National Assembly of Pakistan Passed Cyber Crime bill, which is related to?

  1. A)  Remove Terrorism Activities
  2. B)  Illegal use of Internet (A)
  3. C)   Punishment of Prisoners
  4. D)  Theft of Electricity


In absence of President of Pakistan who will perform as Acting president ?

  1. A)  Speaker National Assembly
  2. B)  Chairman Senate (A)
  3. C)   Prime Minister
  4. D)  Interior Minister


O.I.C session in Turkey(Istanbul) in which 57 Islamic Countries has join is:

  1. A)  11th Session
  2. B)  12th Session
  3. C)   13th Session (A)


Marriage Bill 2016 pass by?

  1. A)  Punjab Assembly (A)
  2. B)  Sindh Assembly
  3. C)   KPK Assembly
  4. D)  Baluchistan Assembly


Speaker Baluchistan Assembly?

A Dr. Shela Raza

B Raheela Hammed Khan (A)

C Asad Qaisar


Pakistan General knowledge MCQs with Answers

• First private airline of Pakistan is Hajvari.
• Pak’s Second largest city is Lahore.
• Abdur Rasheed was the first chief Justice was the first chief justice of Pakistan.
• Zafarullah khan was the first foreign minister of Pakistan.
• Keenjhar is the largest man made lake in Pakistan.
• Manchar Lake is the biggest lake of Pakistan.
• Trich Mir is the highest peak of Hindu Kush.
• Largest coal mine is in Quetta.
• In Pakistan, first woman bank was established in the year 1989.
• Pakistan’s first geo-scientific laboratory is functioning in Islamabad.
• The highest point of the Khyber Pass is Landhi Kotal.
• The first atomic power station of Pakistan was installed in Karachi.
• The First President of America who made an official visit to Pakistan was Dwight D. Eishenhower
• Largest airline is PIA.
• Largest airport is Quaid-e-Azam Internationl Airport, Karachi.
• Largest canal is Lloyd Barrage Canal.
• Largest dam is Terbela.
• Largest desert is Thar.
• Largest district is Khuzdar (Baluchistan).
• Largest industial unit is Pak: Steel Mill.
• Largest industry is Textile.
• Largest island is Manora (Karachi)
• Largest Jungle is Changa Manga (Kasur).
• Largest lake (artificial) is Keenjhar.
• Largest lake (natural) is Manchar.
• Largest library is Pujab Public Library, Lahore.
• Largest mine is Salt Mines of Khewra.
• Largest motorway is Lahore-Islamabad.
• Largest museum is National Meseum, Karachi.
• Largest circulated urdu newspaper is Jang, Enghish is The News.
• Largest nuclear reactor is KANUPP, Karachi.
• Largest oil field is Dhurnal Oil Field.
• Largest park is Ayub National Park, Rawalpindi.
• Largest Radio Station is Islamabad.
• Largest university is Punjab University, Lahore.
• Longest coast is of Baluchistan (771 km)
• Largest railway platform is of Rohri.
• Longest railway track: Karachi to Landi Kotal.
• Longest road: Karachi to Peshawar.
• First TV station in Pakistan started at Lahore.
• Pakistan’s first radio station was set up at Karachi.

• Pak: expedition to Antarctica reached on 5 Jan, 1991 established Jinnah Research Station
• Longest tenure as Governor General was Ghulam Mohammad.
• Longest tenure as President was Ayub Khan.
• Longest period of rule was of Zia.
• Longest tenure as PM was of Liaquat Ali
• Shortest tenure as PM of Ayub Khan (3 days) then Shujaat Hussain (47 days).
• Shortest tenure as President is of Bhutto.
• Shortest tenure as Governor General is of Quaid.
• Longest tenure as Governor General is of Ghulam Mohd:
• Largest library is Quaid-e-Azam library.
• Largest University is in Punjab.
• Oldest university is in Punjab.
• The only non-military shaheed to receive Nishan-e-Haider was Subaidar Lalik Jan he belonged to NLI.
• Highest peak of Sulaiman mountains is Takht-e-Sulaiman.
• Highest peak is K2 (Goodwin Austin 5,611 meters)
• 2nd largest glacier of Pak: is Batura.
• Largest Island of Pak: is Manora.
• Smallest city is Jehlum.
• Longest tunnel rail= Khojak (2.43 miles) (Baluchistan), road=Lowari Tunnel (5 miles), water=Warsak Dam Tunnel (3.5 miles).
• Rainiest city is RawalPindi.
• Rainiest place is Muree.
• First Medical College was Nishtar Medical College.
• Smallest Dam is Warsak dam.
• Largest mountain range is Karakoram.
• First to receive Nishan-e-Hyder was Mohd: Sarwar Shaheed.

• Iran was first to recognize Pakistan.
• Pakistan opened its first embassy in Iran.
• Egypt was first to open its embassy in Pakistan. (chk)
• First governor of State Bank Zahid Hussain.
• First Lady governor Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh) 1973-1976.
• First lady federal minister Vikarun Nisa Noor (Tourism).
• First state to join Pakistan was Bahawul Pur, 1954.
• Pak: cricket team first visited England.(chk: India)
• First captain of cricket team Abdul Hafeez Kardar.
• First century Nazar Mohammd against India in 1954 in Lacknow.
• First Woman University is located in Rawalpindi.
• First governor of Punjab=Francis Moody.
• First CM of Punjab=Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot.
• First Governor of Sindh=Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah.
• First CM of Sindh=Ayub Khoro.
• First Governor of Baluchistan=Lt: General Riaz Hussain.
• First CM of Baluchistan=Attaullah Mengal.
• First Chief Justice of Pak: Sir Abdur Rasheed.
• First PM of Azad Kashmir=Abdul Hamid Khan.
• First President of AJK=Sardar Ibrahim Khan.
• First Commander-in-Chief of Pak: Army was Frank Miservi.
• First chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee was General Mohd: Sahrif.
• First chief of Staff of armed forces was General Tikka Khan.
• First governor State Bank was Zahid Hussain.
• First daily newspaper is Amroz 1947.
• First lady pilot was Shukriya Khanum.
• First museum of Pak established in Karachi in 1950.
• First Bank was United Bank (7th August, 1947)
• First Agriculture Reforms in Pak: Jan: 24, 1959.
• First Chief Election Commissioner of Pak: Mr. Khan F.M.Khan (25th March, 1956)
• Election Commision was created on 23rd March, 1956 under Article 137 of 1956 consititution.
• First Muslim Commander in Chief of Pak: Ayub Khan.
• First Radio Station established was of Karachi.
• First T.V station was setup at Lahore on Nov: 26, 1964.
• First lady Lady Major General in Pak: Dr. Shahida Malik.
• First Space satellite was launched by Pak: in 1990.
• First private TV Channel STN launched in 1990.
• First Chairman Senate was Habibullah Khan.
• First woman judge of High Court: Majida Rizvi.
• First constructed barrage of Pak: Sukkur Barrage.
• First Secretary General of Pak: Ch: Mohd: Ali.
• Agro museum is at Lailpur.
• First bio-gas plant was installed in 1974.
• First woman bank established on Dec: 1, 1989.
• Badshahi mosque built in 1670 A.D.
• Designataion of GG changed into President on 23rd March, 1956.
• Largest Hockey stadium is National Hockey Stadium Lahore.
• First minority minister of Pak: Joginder Nath Mandal held the portfolio of law.
• First Atomic Reactor established in Islamabad in 1956. (chk).
• Largest railway tunnel is Khojak.
• Smallest dam of Pak: Warsak dam.
• Largest fort of Pak: “Rani Kot”.
• City Bank is the largest bank in the country.(chk: Habib Bank)
• Nishan-e-Pak: is the highest civil award of Pak:
• Second highest civil award is Hilal-e-Pak:
• Ayub National Park (Rawalpinidi) is the largest Park in Pakistan.
• Lahore Museum is the biggest in Pak: (chk)
• Largest Railway station is Lahore.
• Highest Pass is Muztag Pass which connects Gilgit to Xinkiyang.
• Largest canal is Lloyd Barrage Canal or Sukkur Barrage or Lance Down Pull built in 1936.
• Largest Cement Plant is Lucky Cement Plant near Luki Marwat.
• Largest road is Shahrah-e-Pak:
• Shortest river is Ravi.
• Smallest division is Karachi.
• Largest division is Kalat.
• Largest division of Sindh is Therparkar.
• Habib Bank Plaza Karachi has 23 stories (345 ft)
• Minar-e-Pak: is 196 ft, 8 inches high.
• Pakistan has its longest boundary with Afghanistan.
• Pakistan is 34th largest country in the world, 6th population wise.
• Smallest civil award is Tamg-e-Khidmat.
• First census of Indo-Pak: 1881.
• Highest dam is Mangla dam.



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