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How to Buy Expired Domains at cheap way?

Hello every one, today I am going to share with you a complete tutorial about Buying Expired Domains, how to find a best domains and how to buy them and also how to can make money through those domains etc., so read all tutorial and apply all step by step to get best domain and earn some money!

How to buy Expired Domains?

First of all for finding domain the best website I will use to find domain is Expireddomains.net, it is a best way to find a expired domain so Create an account in Expired domain website and verify Email to get log in.

After log in you need followings website to open into new tab during searching Expired domains.

  • com
  • net
  • com
  • com

When you log in to Expireddomains.net website you have two way to find domains.

  1. Deleted domains
  2. Marketplace domains

In Deleted Domains You can find a best domain at 11pm according to Asian time and in marketplace you can find at any time any domain in it you will see there and so how to find domain is here.

buy expired domains

  1. Go to any options there you will see like Gd closeout, GD expired, GD by now etc. click at any one and you will see later which is best for you.
  2. First of all got to filter options to make a filter so a low level website will not show and then it’s easy for us to find best domain.

Filter Option for buying Expired Domain

  • In page rank column tick mark at no Fake PRs, no unsure PRs, no PageRank -1 and also put Page rank 1 so from page rank 1 all domain shown,
  • In AdWords page puts PA and DA 25 so all domain comes with PA, DA greater than 25.
  • Now open any domain which you like and copy Domain name and do the following process.

Check Factors of Expired Domain

  • Open Index checking website and put Domain name in it and check is it Index or not if index then ok if not then you must leave this Domain because it is not indexed so it’s not best for buy, so mean if it will index then go to next step for other process.

Following thing must have when you buy Expired Domains.


  1. PA = 25 or greater then 25
  2. DA = 25 or greater then 25
  3. PR = 1 or greater then 1
  4. PR quality Must Strong or better
  5. Backlinks must more then 25 (optional)

Majestic Factors

  • When you got that better then go to Majestic.com where you will check a Domain trust flow and citation flow so there must see if both less than 15 and grater then 10 then ok but if both greater than 15 then its great Domain.

Trust Flow = 10 or greater than 10 (up to 15 is best)

Citation Flow = 10 or greater than 10 (up to 15 is best)

Ahref Most Important Factor

  • Copy a Domain URL and paste it a website named Ahref.com and find out a backlinks Referred Domain and check all links creates by English anchor text or Chines anchor text must in English not by Chines ok.

Anchor TEXT and Referred Domain = English not Chines!

After Applying all these things you will get a perfect Expired Domain for Buying Easily.


Watch How to buy a domain in Video!

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